Zangi App

Software market you voice calls and to share with you photos, and allows to send text messages on other popular application works in a very similar.

Another difference: free calls and messages “timeout” jaingi is called to send the pictures. Take a picture, send it to contact you, but he will see the image in only ten seconds. After the interval, the entire collection would not be able to.

The program that you want to call and the connection you all with any other VoIP service market gives very similar credit on the purchase of the device to the Internet and landline number in addition to using.

On top of that you have the full details: jaingi free calls and messages for their actions, and we think that jaingi know now; Free calls and another Communicator VoIP service options for clients. By (the program can be sent to an Internet connection) to your contacts, messages, photos and videos to make free calls.

Applications, for example, already popular Skype like this on the market as equipment began a number of very similar works. Here, however, are not available for video calls that are widely people who can’t do it by the lack of a lot of things done.

Text and voice chat

Chat service is running only arguments with other programs works well on. A number of different emoticons and pictures to share with you are. You photos and videos is, in effect, a compulsory option in the software can be uploaded.

All films in the style of action-here, which is only available for your contacts and ten seconds for a picture of the leaves is the difference a choice, that is, the “timeout” is. However, the person to keep a copy of the movie, after all the way back was just the picture does not prevent a very active.

The quality of VoIP calls in a positive way, without any problems can talk to the other end of the line. It is, of course, depends on the speed of your connection, however, sense we have to say that this problem is not any kind of good.

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