Like to Know Your Computer Has a Virus

Is your computer very slow?

A common symptom of a virus is to make the speed of the computer slower than normal. However, other reasons for a low may be performance, such as a hard disk, you need to be fragmented, a computer that needs more memory (RAM), or the existence of spyware or adware.

Emerge unexpected messages, or programs are started automatically?

Some viruses can cause damage to Windows or to some programs. The results of such damages may include messages displayed unexpectedly, programs initiated or automatically closed or the sudden closing of Windows.

Like to know if your computer has a virus
Cómo saber si la computadora está infectada con virus

The modem or the hard disk are working more than necessary?

An e-mail virus works by sending many copies by e-mail. One indicator of that is the activity light on the broadband modem that is constantly lit or flashing glowing all the time; Another indicator is the sound of the hard disk of the computer working continuously. These symptoms do not always represent the presence of a virus, but may indicate an infection of virus combined with other problems.

To check virus there, examines the computer with a program antivirus. Every day new viruses appear, therefore, it is important to keep the antivirus updated permanently.

EXACT symptoms that your PC has a virus

Your computer already isn’t it? It presents different problems of performance and strange messages? These, surely, are the signs of an infection of endless threats when surfing the Internet.

In addition to an antivirus, it is necessary to have knowledge about the symptoms causing the malware on the computer in order to identify problems and react faster, preventing greater evils.