Wifi Tracker

It is not necessary to create an account to use the application, but the option that appears at the beginning of the ‘sharing automatic connection with access points,’ stay tuned. Lets select this function automatically lead to putting in common of people using the application and all the passwords stored in the device.

Working in partnership is fed to the data of the users themselves. It was released around to find an access point, just press the “Wi-Fi search key” button and wait for the scan to the end.


We now know that thinking about it as the master key for the Wi-Fi and a description full characteristics of the above

WPS WPA Tester is a tool very interesting to help you to find those points of access to the shared co-Fi. The application shares passwords stored on your phone and you get a network to its provides access to passwords of hundreds of thousands of routers and increasing the chances that more close.

points to the

Brings some difficulty in the application’s interface is intuitive. If at any time it has been released to connect to networks in the area right on the home screen, press a button, just to check.

Points of access to the system for some time (analysis takes about a minute for each range of the network), but you expect it’s worth the penalty need urgently to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

Our test, Curitiba, do not saw any network shared near our location, but not so bad as that application. In general, the greatest success likely to occur around the shopping areas and places.

The only problem is, can share with the key teacher, all points of access Wi-Fi passwords time if your attention. Wi-Fi is the idea of share is good, although, as important as the router is configured to reduce the risk of invasions and others problems of security in your network correctly.

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