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A good option for those who want to watch movies, series and several other types of content without having to tear the Internet or worry about the codec used for each video. The tool just sinning by displaying content on websites and other separate programs
Felipe Augusto Cavalcante analysis
Every day hundreds of new videos are posted on the Internet on popular sharing services like Video Downloads, something extremely positive, but it ends up getting in our way in choosing between check on something or other. To avoid these problems, there are services and tools that categorize the content and simplify its distribution.

Cine Turbo is a program specialized in locating and playing movies, bringing a large collection properly organized according to its category. To navigate through the tool you can select movies and videos in General with the themes action, animation, adventure, comedy, romantic comedy, documentary, drama, war, serials and terror.


To further facilitate the user’s life, all content is reproduced in the program itself, leaving aside the complications of manually download the files, unzip and still run behind the codecs needed for reproduction.

Enjoy the content of the Guide Cine Box to unwind after a day’s work
Enjoy the content of the Guide Cine Box to unwind after a day’s work

Extremely easy to use!

To start enjoying the content that the tool gets, just run it after installation and then select one of the suggested films on the left side of your window. The best is to be able to leverage content available without all the complications that we would have if we were to actually download the content, as the terrible wait time and the troublesome codes captchas.

Even people who don’t like movies can have fun at the Cine Turbo
Even people who don’t like movies can have fun at the Cine Turbo

Oops, dropped the ball.

What bothers more the tool is to force the installation of a browser bar and let the catalog of content on an external website, demanding after the insertion of the codes on the tool. Another problem is the fact that the TV channels menu direct to an external website that requires the installation of a secondary tool to work.

Unlimited potential

The program is already on the right track to facilitate access to films and videos, appearing as an island of organization among millions of sources is not always reliable. To get things sorted and emerge as a definitive solution, just embed the entire contents in the program itself as the catalog of movies and tv broadcasts, as well as allowing the user to choose between installing the browser bar or not.

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