The nutrients of the Melon

Many people wonder if the melon fattening. This is because even though it is rich in water, the fruit is sweet enough, which leads to doubt.

Melons are the family of watermelons, i.e. fruits that carry a lot of water and few calories. A cup of chopped melon has about 50 calories, that is, you need to consume a lot of fruit for energy density is considerable.

The fruit is rich in water and fiber, helps maintain the body satiated, which fight the urge and the desire to eat, and maintain stable diet calories you need to lose weight.

melon fattening

In this way, the melon can be consumed between meals, snack in the morning or in the afternoon.

It is common for people to talk that the melon fattening because the fruit, which is not small, can present about of 280 calories only. Since no one is able to eat a whole melon at once, the amount of ingested calories per serving is very reasonable.

The nutrients of the Melon

The nutrients present in melon are very important to the human diet, especially for those who are restricting the menu, but don’t want to suffer with lack of substances.

The main components of the melon are:

Vitamin A (about 35% of the daily requirement of a person)
Vitamin C (about 37% of daily needs)
Folic acid
The fruit also contains 7 grams of fiber, which keeps the feeling of satiety and ensures proper functioning of the intestine. In addition, because it is rich in nutrients, the melon quenches quite a bit more than a “poor” in these substances.