Remove Pimples

Remember when your computer pulled quickly? Well, you can retrieve the proper form from your computer in just a few steps, without spending a dime. With the solution, you can find out why your computer takes to start.

Computer takes to start
The solute tests the computer start and indicates potential problems. Know the programs/features that delay the start-up of the PC is a huge advantage. Download the program here: Solute (if the download of the program does not start click here).

Important: during installation of the program is offered a toolbar to your browser, if it is not of your interest should remove the installation option.

computer takes to start solve

After restarting the computer, you will get the start time of your Windows, however, you should not use this time for comparison, since some programs (such as antivirus) have different start times.

Between the Solute and check what programs that take the boot:

-The “green” programs can be removed without problems.
-The “orange” programs are potentially removable.
-The “Greys” are essential to the functioning of your Windows.

computer takes to start

Use CCleaner to remove programs from the startup of your computer, download it here: Download + Tutorial CCleaner.

2. If you want to further speed up your computer’s startup has at its disposal more 6 tips in this article: speed up PC startup.