Remove Facebook from Messenger

If you want to talk with their Facebook friends directly on Messenger, and even share photos and documents, perform the following procedures:

Note: if not satisfied with the result, you can remove the link of the accounts, as explained at the end of the article.

If necessary, download the MSN Messenger in the following article: Download MSN Messenger (full version)

Advantages of owning Facebook in MSN Messenger.

1. You can chat with your Facebook friends directly on Messenger.

2. status updates of your friends appear directly in the Messenger.

3. Publish photos (via Windows Live Photo Gallery).

4. Share favorite sites.

Facebook in MSN Messenger

1. You must have the updated version of Messenger.

2. Enter the Messenger and in the lower right corner click on “Add”-“Facebook”.

Facebook in msn
3. In the window that appears, configure the level of information sharing. To activate the facebook chat, click “chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger”

4. Click on the “connect with Facebook”.

5. Enter the email and password.

6. Click the “allow” button, so that the Messenger can download your contacts and their information.

Finally, there is a message that is linked to Facebook. However, the fun does not stop here, for in addition to being able to add friends from other social networks (MySpace and Linkedin) Facebook has other features that will surely enjoy:

YouTube videos on Facebook
Horoscope on Facebook
Keep the pictures of your friends
Discover access to hackers on Facebook.

If you want to remove the link from Facebook to the Messenger, simply click the Facebook icon (bottom right) in the Messenger window. And in the window that comes up, click on the link “Remove completely this connection”.