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Facebook announced the introduction of a new feature in Messenger application, that allows you to send money to their friends and family for free. To start enjoying this feature, simply that the two friends (which receives the money and what sends) have a MasterCard or Visa card registered.

That way, Facebook intends to further enhance the functionality of your application Messenger, and dominate the market for messages on mobile devices. Facebook intends to also make competition to other applications that allow the sending of money like Snapchat or PayPal Venmo.

How to send money by Facebook

How to send money by Facebook

To use this feature, simply start a conversation with the friend who will receive the money, and click the “$” button that will appear in the options.

In the initial phase, this feature is available only in the United States, and as such, it is normal that not yet view the icon referred to.

However, it is to be hoped that the Facebook extend this functionality to other countries.

On the Internet, opinions on this feature are already beginning to diverge. On the one hand, users extremely excited about the possibilities that this new tool can bring, and on the other, users concerned that are to provide sensitive information to Facebook.

The concerns increased from tom, after so many reports of lack of privacy and Facebook account hacker attacks (although most, by carelessness of users).