QR Code Reader

2015-04-27_9-47-49kyawa is a digital code reader compatible with the main technologies used in the market. The application automatically identifies the conditas information in images that were generated via technologies QR, Datamatrix, Aztek, UPC and EAN.

It is not necessary to take a photo to read the image information, since the powerful intelligent auto focus system adjusts the camera of the device in an agile, guaranteeing reading in a few seconds.

Above you gave a complete description about the kyawa QR reader, barcode scanner, and its functionality, more & know now what we think of him
kyawa is a program that allows you to decode smartcodes with the help of the camera of your device. The app supports the main technologies used in the market, such as QR, Datamatrix, Aztek, UPC and EAN.

The category of “code readers” is fairly saturated in the world of smartphones. In fact, there are hundreds of programs that do the exact same thing, differing only by their visual or compatibility with the various technologies available.

In fact, the kyawa not stands out for its collection of supported standards, and by his extremely visual lean and very beautiful. Still, the autofocus system does very well his work, since simply position the image in the center of the camera and, in fractions of a second, the app can decipher the code.

In our testing, we’ve done readings with images of all the patterns supported by the application. In all cases the image analysis was swift and successful. In summary, kyawa is a good alternative for people looking for a lightweight program, beautiful and practical. Besides, the application has been translated into Portuguese, avoiding confusion or problems during use.