Currently when we buy a processor we faced several names, which can confuse the user.

In the case of Intel i3, i5 and i7. What are the differences between each of them?

What is the difference between Intel i3 i5 and i7

Very brief, we can say that the Intel i3 processor with good performance. The i5 is a level higher than the i3 and i7 processors are the tops.

All of them have graphics card built into the processor.

Intel i3

Represents the basic choice (and cheaper) with 2 cores with “hyper threading” and with a smaller cache.

Intel i5

I5 processors feature a superior performance compared to i3. Are processors, that as a general rule, have 4 cores (and there are a few exceptions).

Intel i5 has also the TurboBoost feature to ensure best performance.

Intel i7

Was designed thinking of the most demanding users (gaming, video editing, etc.) to submit the computer a great processing work.

The i7 may have between 2 and 8 cores, and is considered a high-end processor