If you want to capture the contents of your computer screen in image, you can use Gadwin Printscreen.

The program is free and packed with features, emerging as one of the best options on the market.

The program allows you to store the printscreen in 5 different formats:

printscreen jpeg, bmp, gif, png
Windows bitmap (.bmp)
Bitmap JPEG (.jpg)
GIF image (.gif)
PNG image (.PNG)
Bitmap Tiff (.tif)

You can capture the entire screen or just a screen area of your choice. To capture only a specific screen area, go to the “source” Menu and click “Rectangular Area”-> [OK]. When pressing the “Printscreen”, draw with your mouse the rectangle selection and press “Enter” to finish.

Note: If you want to capture the screen of your computer do not miss this video tutorial-Capture computer screen in video.

Or, record home videos with your Webcam-record videos with Webcam.

Put a “trademark” in your photos

The program also allows you to put a small identifying mark on your image.

Go to the “image” menu and activate the option “Stamp”. Enter your tag in “stamp Format”.

Note: you can choose the color and the percentage of transparency.

Printscreen Gadwin Printscreen freeware

To change the hotkey

If you want to change the shortcut key you use to make the printscreen, go to the “Preferences” menu and select a new “shortcut key”