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One of the most common upgrades to improve PC performance, is to increase the RAM. If it is true that the RAM has a significant impact on computer performance, it is also true that not always the responsible for “lock-ups”.

So, how do I know if I need to buy more RAM? What kind of RAM should I get?

How do I know if I need to buy RAM

How do I know if I need to buy RAM?

Firstly, we should “investigate” the Windows Task Manager.

To do this, start by pressing the shortcut keys CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and click on the tab “processes” (or “performance” to a higher level of detail).

Verify that the consumption of RAM is near the ceiling.

lots of ram

If so, it means that your computer needs more RAM.

A temporary solution is to use the “ReadyBoost” functionality, which allows you to use a flash drive as RAM. For more details see: how to increase the RAM (ReadyBoost).

If you want to add more RAM to your computer, you will need to get some important information before proceeding to purchase (“clock” speeds, etc.).

For more details see: how to know which RAM to buy.

And if the problem is not the RAM?

As mentioned previously, the RAM may not be the “cause” of slowdowns of your computer. As such, you should make a “Optimization” complete. Try our tips in the tutorial: how to improve PC performance.