More memory, Captain

The new processor you choose is the current top of the line family Haswell, the Core i7-4770K ($ 339 in the USA). He has the same Intel HD GPU 4600 of our Core i3, but four cores (with support for HyperThreading), more cache and a higher clock. Simply put, if your machine has a motherboard with a socket LGA1150, the Core i7-4770K processor faster than you can put in it.

Numbers in points, the bigger the better. On the top bar, the machine with the processor
Core i7-4770K. In the bottom bar, the original configuration with the Core i3-4330.

In our tests, the processor upgrade resulted in huge gains in Cinebench CPU test, and a jump of more than 17% in overall system performance. The Exchange also increased the processor’s data transfer rate of HD, most likely because the disc contains the operating system, and the impact of background tasks that would disrupt the disk benchmark was minimized with the faster processor.

More memory, Captain!

System memory DDR3-1600, was the maximum frequency officially supported for Haswell processors for desktops. But with just a comb installed, the system was running on a Single-Channel configuration, which limits the bandwidth available.

We update the system with a second 8 GB DIMM (which in the United States costs about $ 80), which results in a Dual-Channel memory configuration with double the bandwidth. The extra bandwidth helps keep the CPU and GPU integrated “well served” with data, which increases system performance in various situations.

Numbers in points, the bigger the better. On the top bar, the performance with a
extra mag of 8 GB RAM. On low, the performance in original configuration

This upgrade resulted in a gain of more than 17% in the PCMark 7, and the graphics performance, measured in the Cinebench OpenGL test, also increased significantly. The SiSoft SANDA showed that with being stick of memory installed the bandwidth practically doubled, what helps the graphics performance.

Installing a dedicated GPU

Most systems, including the integrated graphics Intel HD 4600 in our basic configuration uses system memory for graphics operations. This means that the Integrated GPU not only is consuming a lot of system memory, but is also competing for bandwidth and resources on system memory controller. Install a dedicated video card with its own integrated memory system, frees system memory for use by other applications and the operating system.