Melon Fattening or lose weight

Other benefits of Melon:

The melon is rapid digestion, basically takes the same time to be digested to a fruit juice (between 15 minutes and half an hour). This type of food is the most recommended to be consumed by the morning.

In the morning, our body goes through a natural process of detoxification, called elimination cycle. During this process, our body spends energy to eliminate toxins, so ingesting a highly digestible food ensures energy savings for this Detox process is fully satisfactory.

Melon Fattening or lose weight?

A cup of chopped melon is a great choice of snacks in the morning or the afternoon. You can even combine the melon with other fruits and assemble a salad, incrementing with yogurt (light or low fat), honey or orange juice.

To use the melon as an ally can help you lose weight. Instead of eating cracked water and salt (which often has trans fat) prefer a slice of melon with oats and honey.

melon fattening or lose weight

However, never replace meals for melon. The body needs other nutrients that we only found and different foods, such as meat, carbohydrates, vegetables and vegetables.

That is, if anyone says that melon fattening is a lie! The melon’s slimming when you choose him instead of high-calorie food, and know to assist you to your diet is the best way to lose weight fast.