Markings of Facebook

The markings of Facebook are a great way to keep in touch with their friends and family. However, the markings can be a real Russian roulette, able to pollute its chronology with unpleasant publications (or in some cases malicious/spam).

You can block the markings easily, without blocking the people in question. To do this, Facebook offers a moderation tool that allows you to select which content that can appear in the timeline.

how moderate the markings on facebook

It is important to note, that you can remove or hide the current markings by following the procedures in following tutorial: how to hide Facebook markings.

How to block the markings on Facebook

Start by logging into your Facebook account and press and the option button (down arrow ▼) that is at the top of the page.

Go into settings (or settings) and from the menu that appears on the left select “timeline and markings”.

In the field “Who can add content to my timeline?”, click the “Edit” link that is next to the option “Analyze the publications in which your friends mark you before being displayed on your timeline”.

Finally, just change the option to “Enabled”.

How to block the markings on Facebook

How to prevent to publish on your timeline

Facebook also allows you to block publication of contents on your timeline, being an excellent way to prevent certain “abuses”.

To do this, simply access the same menu mentioned in the previous step and change the option “Who can post in your timeline?” to “only me”.