Lodging documents in the cloud

Now you can convert your documents easily, using the application CometDocs Desktop App.

In practice, you can convert the documents to the most used formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCad, etc.), in just a few clicks.

The program features:

Converts PDF documents to Word (and vice versa);
Supports multiple document formats (Excel, PowerPoint, AutoCad, etc.);
Allows creation of PDF (even Notepad file);
Allows you to import documents from Google Drive and DropBox.
How does CometDocs Desktop?

The operation of the program is very simple. After installing the Desktop will appear a list CometDocs with various intuitive shortcuts from the context menu (right mouse button).

Download CometDocs Desktop

To start the conversion, just click with the right mouse button on the document you want to convert and select the option “Convert To”, or “Create PDF”.

How to convert documents (PDF, Word, Excel, AutoCad, etc.)

To start using the CometDocs Desktop you will need to create a free account. After completing the quick registration, you will need to confirm your account by clicking on the link present in the message sent by CometDocs to your Email.

Lodging documents in the cloud (Cloud)

The CometsDocs lets you store your documents online, providing 2 GB of free cloud space.

That way, you can access your documents from anywhere, using a device with Internet access (PC, smartphone or tablet).

To send a document to the cloud of CometDocs, just click with the right mouse button in the document that you want to send, and select “Send To”-“CometDocs”.