Journalist challenged Hackers

The journalist Kevin Roose, television station Fusion, decided to challenge some hackers from DEFCON (the world’s largest hacker Convention) to try to invade your privacy online. The result was scary, in addition to losing access to their accounts (and e-mail), hackers gave to the “luxury” of taking pictures with the webcam and “prints” of screen without your consent.

What many might consider “masochism”, is actually an excellent matter to assess how vulnerable we can be, and what can be done to improve security on the Internet.

Journalist challenged Hackers and went wrong

Access to personal data

The first technique used was pretty amazing. Just using “social engineering” hackers were able to gain access to the e-mail of a journalist, calling the company’s telephone helpline. Posing for the woman and putting a video of a kid crying (from YouTube), the “hacker” was able to “expel” the journalist with his own e-mail account.

Another technique used by hackers was “Phishing”. This technique is already well documented, in practice, hackers send an email to the victim, pretending to be a credible entity (e.g. a Bank) requesting sensitive information such as personal data or password.