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The RAM plays a crucial role in the performance of your computer, and even to be classified as the main memory of the PC.

In practical terms, the more RAM your computer has, the better performance you will get (depending on the “effort” to submit your computer). But before you buy a RAM is important to take into account several aspects:

1. I need to increase the RAM?
2. what type of memory should I buy?
3. Has already used the “ReadyBoost”?

First of all, it is important to check whether you need to increase the RAM from the PC. Not always the “lock-ups” of your PC are caused by memory shortages.

To check if we need increase RAM, should refer to the “Windows Task Manager by pressing the shortcut keys” CTRL + SHIFT + ESC “. In the “performance” tab check the percentage of RAM is being used.

How to know which RAM to buy

If the RAM consumption is very high, it is actually recommended to increase the RAM. But if the demand is low and the computer freezes constantly, may indicate the presence of Malware or failure of another component (for example the disk). In this case, you can upgrade to an SSD drive.

What type of memory should I buy?

In a simple way, you should buy RAM modules that are supported by the motherboard of your computer.

Look in the instructions from the motherboard of your PC which the ceilings supported (you can also search on the website of the manufacturer).

We recommend that you buy the ram modules “identical”, with the same operating speed.

How to identify the model of the motherboard

If you have difficulties in identifying the components of your pc, you can use the program (free to try) AIDA 64. After installing the AIDA 64, click the “motherboard” where you will find all the necessary information.

ReadyBoost Functionality

Windows has a very interesting feature that allows you to use a flash drive as “Supplement” of RAM, being a great help when your computer needs more RAM.

For more details about ReadyBoost please refer to the following tutorial: how to increase the RAM.