Facebook allows you to display your location in publications, on information and on Messenger (on your smartphone).

This feature, is viewed with concern by many users, who don’t like their privacy.

To help you, we will explain how to hide your location (where you live) of your Facebook profile, as well as Facebook Messenger.

How to hide your location on Facebook

Hide location on Messenger (Facebook)

Hide your location in Messenger is very simple. To do this, simply start the application Messenger and click on the “Tools” (in the form of sprocket). Now, simply uncheck the “Location”.

hide your location on Facebook Messenger
Hide location (where you live) in Facebook Profile

1. begin by accessing your Facebook profile. For that, you can press the shortcut keys Alt + 2 (in Google Chrome) or Alt + SHIFT +2 (Mozilla Firefox).

2. click on the “About”-“places where he lived. Pass the mouse cursor (mouse) on the location and select the icon in the form of “users”. Set who can view this information.

about Facebook places lived

To block this information from all users, select “only me”. Point out that you can hide your current city, as well as his hometown.

Remove location from Facebook publications

To remove a publication Facebook, simply press the location button, and select “Remove”. Are you ready.