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The offer of free online games has grown significantly, in such a way, that currently can play big titles without spending a single cent.

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1. Legue of Legends

The Legue of Legends is a strategy game, where the objective is to destroy the enemy’s base, before yours is destroyed.

To begin, you will need to choose a character (in the game known as “champions”).

Each character has a way of attacking different (and special abilities), being very easy to find a character consistent with his way of playing.

With the course of the game, you will be gaining experience and money that will allow you to unlock new items. The Legue of Legends has a huge community of online players, and as such, the fun is guaranteed. To get started, simply create your free account and download the game to the PC.

legue of legends
Access the game Legue of Legends

2. Age of Empires Online

Microsoft went on to make the Age of Empires Online, a free version of the popular real time strategy game.

This new version has spectacular graphics (cartoon), and a gameplay that certainly will not disappoint.

To play Age of Empires Online you will need to register with your account (Hotmail/Outlook). For more details see our article: Age of Empires Online.

3. Top Eleven

The Top Eleven is an online football game where you control your team as a coach. You can make the management of the team and still developing the infrastructure of your Club (gym, Stadium, etc.).

In this game you will compete with several real players, which might include Facebook friends. You can even make friendly (friendly) against their friends. In the Top Eleven “Tokens” are essential, to buy players, speed up the construction of infrastructure, and more, as such, spend the tokens.

The fight for the title will be tough, are you prepared? See more details here: Top Eleven.
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4. War Thunder

The War Thunder is a MMO combat game which can be played on several platforms (PC, PS4, Mac and Linux). In this game, you can compete with real players all over the world, using armored vehicles, military planes and ships of World War II.

To subscribe, go to the following page: War Thunder.

5. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft needs no introduction, being one of the most popular games in the world. Play World of Warcraft online for free without any restriction, simply create a free account.
6. Combat Arms

The Combat Arms is a FPS (First Person Shooter) with high quality graphics and high realism. This game is considered by many as the “evolution” of Counter Strike.

Combat Arms has several game modes and a huge variety of weapons. With the development of the game your character will gaining experience and can get more “upgrades”.

7. Hero Online
Hero Online is a MMORPG fully in Portuguese where your objective is to create a character and develop their skills to try to survive in a world full of dangers.
To play Hero Online, simply create your free account at the following link: Hero Online.