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In this tutorial we will explain how to access the Internet via a private network VPN (Virtual Private Network-What is it?). VPN networks allow you to navigate in anonymous on the Internet by hiding your real IP, and keeping the security through encryption of your data.

To access the Internet through a VPN network, we will use the free Free VPN service.
Configure VPN network

Start by accessing the VPNBook website and create a free account by clicking the Free OpenVPN Account.

In the tab “Free OpenVPN”, download the configuration files and the server certificate (certificate bundle) available.
Now, download the client program (OpenVPN Client) and proceed to its installation. The OpenVPN Client requires some initial Setup, which is done only once.

For this, first extract the files “.ovpn” you downloaded (certificate bundle), using a file decompressor (for example: WinRar).

Go to “my computer”-c: (or the directory where you installed Windows)-programs-OpenVPN. In the Config folder of the program, paste the configuration files of the servers “.ovpn”.

Run the OpenVPN Client, which will now display the server certificates.

Finally, click with the right mouse button on the program icon OpenVPN Client near the Windows clock, select the server that you will use and click “Connect”.

How to access the Internet through a VPN

Type the user name and password you will find on the website of VPNBook and confirm the connection.
If all went well, a message will appear indicating that you are connected and the respective assigned IP.