A Windows registry clean is synonymous with more speed and stability of your computer.

To clean the Windows registry you can use Auslogics Registry Cleaner, a free program that has a very intuitive interface.

Of course cleaning the registry is only one solution, if you want to speed up your computer to the Max do not miss the following article, slow computer (click to access).

Download here: Auslogics Registry Cleaner (if the download does not start click here).

Clean the Windows registry

Proceed to the installation of the program, and run the Auslogics Registry Cleaner.

In the left hand menu will appear a simply list of categories where will be selected the options that the creators of the program think are fundamental use.

Then press the “check now” button, the program will perform a deep scan to your Windows registry.

clean windows registry

Will display a list of all errors encountered, and its gravity.

Clean Windows registry Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Finally, click the “repair” button to correct any errors found.