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In all versions of Windows, it is normal for the system accumulate useless files. Remove these files allows you to free up disk space and optimize your PC’s performance.

To automate this task, you can use the Clean Master a program free and very simple to use.

The name “Clean Master” certainly will be very “familiar” for many users. This is because the Clean Master enjoys a huge success in the mobile version, emerging as one of the “optimizers” store top-rated applications for smartphones.

The Clean version for the PC, promises to keep the “formula” for success, allowing perform optimizations with the same ease of always.

How to remove useless files from your PC

The operation of the program is very intuitive, simply run the program (the scan starts automatically). In the end, you will get an indication of how much space can be freed by Clean Master.

clean master pc

If you want to keep some files (for example, the browser cache), you can add those files to the exclusion list.

To do this, simply select the type of files you want to keep and select “Ignore”.

How to clean useless files from PC

Finally, just press the button “Clean Now” to clear useless files.

What is your opinion of the Clean Master? Believed to be the ideal solution, or would you prefer a “competitor”?