iXiGO State PNR

32-1iXiGO State PNR and the status of trains and flight and delays PNR status is the best application for tracking. PNR with rail of the India, as well as the support to all the main sites of reserves air. confirmation of the India railway ticket covers, tracking progress, reminders and tracking of the flight status flight, as well as online check-in.
-Check the State of the PNR of the railways of India train ticket query
-Check the status of the PNR of all tickets to print from your IRCTC account
-Check the status of any flight PNR and the India-origin
-Check the availability of any change in the status of the train or from the flight PNR
-Check if there are trains and flights delays
-Check if there are trains and flights cancellations
-Check the opening and closing of the time Web check-in for flights

status messages PNR to be read to view and manage your messages in the Inbox and trains, PNR iXiGO helps to make the status of your travel. This will be confirmed at the table and expect that changes (for example, status of reservation), the State of the train (delays of trains and cancellations), flight (flight delays) level warnings, even if the Web flight check-in is open in memory. been PNR and help to save time and obtain all relevant notifications very simple application for tourists iXiGO trip. If your PNR SMS box, you can add manually also!

State PNR of the main features of the iXiGO:
-Identification and automatic release PNR
-To review the status of your travel
-PNR status and alerts
-Train delays alerts
-Flight alerts of delay
-Web Check-In at alert
-boarding Vengola trains
-For Vengola airports entry
-The screen to see all your PNRAndroid