If you have Windows Vista/7

The MSN Messenger 80072ee2 error can occur when the firewall blocks the access of MSN to the network or is there any corrupted file. To resolve the problem perform the following procedures:

Update: Microsoft has decided to break up with MSN Messenger, this being replaced by Skype.

To keep talking with your friends, you should migrate to Skype (for free), or use a small application to reactivate MSN Messenger. For more details see:

Migrating from MSN Messenger for Skype
How to re-enable the Messenger.

1. Go to the menu of your Firewall permissions and verify that the Messenger is allowed access to the network. If your Firewall for the Windows, the configuration of permissions should be as in the image (if you have another Firewall should find their configuration of permissions and add msnmsgr.exe and wlcomm.exe processes):

msn messenger 80072ee2 error solved

2. A second solution is to use the MSN E-Fix, a free program able to fix several errors of the Messenger, download the programs here: programs for correcting Messenger.

3. If the problem has not disappeared, open Internet Explorer-> Tools-Internet Options-> > links-> configure > and clear the Automatically Detect Settings-> OK.

4. If you have Windows XP:

Start menu-> run > type cmd-> will appear the command line, enter the name of the DLL files (after you type the name of the DLL files must wait for the confirmation).

If you have Windows Vista/7:

Start menu-> the search bar-> type “command” (without quotes)-> with your right mouse button, select run as administrator (after typing the name of the DLL files must wait for confirmation):

Note: when you enter the DLL files you may receive an error message indicating that the module is not found, normal thing since Windows Vista/Windows 7 do not have all the DLL files listed.

5. Try deleting the files Windows Live Messenger, perform the procedures in the following article: Article SafePC Tuga.

6. Finally, go to Start Menu-Control Panel-> > Internet Options-Advanced-> > uncheck “check for Server Certificate Revocation”-> click “Apply” and then “OK”.