How to view saved passwords in chrome

Google Chrome allows you to store the login passwords of websites (like Facebook or Gmail), facilitating the life of users who don’t bother to enter the password every time you visit the same page.

However, if you share your computer with other users, to keep the passwords in the browser can become risky, because anyone can go in and view the data of their accounts (and compromising changes).

How to view saved passwords in chrome

Thinking about it, Google Chrome has added a password manager that allows you to view saved passwords in Chrome and remove the passwords you don’t intend to keep.

Quick Tip: to delete all browsing history of Chrome (including all saved passwords), just press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL and confirm the deletion of the data (placing the temporal interval for “forever”).

How to view saved passwords in chrome (password manager)

1. Start by accessing the Google Chrome options-settings-“Show advanced settings” (at the bottom of the page)-password-Manage passwords.

Alternatively, you can use a simple shortcut. Press CTRL + T to open a new tab in Google Chrome and type the following link into the address bar: chrome://settings/passwords

2. Now select the password you want to view and enter the password of the Windows user. If you want to delete this password, click the “X”.

How to view saved passwords in chrome

In the window below, you will find a list with the passwords never saved, which basically shows you the sites you asked not to store passwords.

If you remove one of these links, Google Chrome will never ask if you want to save the password each time you visit this page again.