How to do a survey (survey) in Excel Online

Need to collect users ‘ opinion about a particular subject? Excel allows you to create online surveys for free, without need to have Microsoft Office installed on your PC.

Please note that Google also offers a similar service through Google Docs forms, which allows you to create surveys using your logo.

To do this, start by accessing the Excel Online and login with your Microsoft account.

If you do not have a Microsoft account (Hotmail or, you can create one for free by following the procedures in the following tutorial: Create Microsoft.

Then click “New blank book” and already in the service window, go to the menu “insert”-“”-“New Inquiry”.

How to do a survey (survey) in Excel Online

In the window that appears, type the title of the survey, as well as a small description about what you want to achieve with the poll.

Enter your question, as well as their answers. Excel Online lets you collect various types of responses, from “text”, numbers, dates, multiple choice, etc.

collect opinion using excel

Finally, tap the button “save and View”. Don’t forget to share your inquiry to start the collection of opinions. To do this, simply click “Create link”, to generate a link sharing. If necessary, you can edit your inquiry.

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