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Now it is possible to edit a PDF document using the Word Service Online. In practice, you can edit the text of a PDF, add or remove images or pages, etc.

How to edit a PDF in Word online

1. Start by accessing the site and at the bottom of the window to “OneDrive”.

You will need to login with your Microsoft account (that is, it should enter with a Hotmail account or Outlook).

Tip: If you do not have a Microsoft account, you can create your free here: create account Microsoft.

How to edit a PDF in Word online

2. Click the “load” button and upload the PDF file for OneDrive servers. When finished, the document goes on to appear in the list of files of OneDrive.

upload files for onedrive

3. Right click on the PDF file and select the option “Open in Word Online.

open pdf in word online

4. In the window that comes up, click the ‘ Edit in Word “. A warning message will appear, indicating that your document will be converted to the format “docx”, but that will be kept the original copy (no change).

How to edit pdf in word online

5. After you convert your document, you can begin editing your PDF. To do this, simply press the button “Edit document”.

Download the PDF file (already published)

When finished, simply enter the menu “file” (or file)-Save as (or save as)-Download as PDF. If was having second thoughts, you can view our video and send your comments. Thank you