It’s sad but true, there are Internet scams taking advantage of the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. The warning is released by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations), after several reports of users sympathetic wrong.

The “freeloaders” create sites “clone” of charities, asking for funds to help the survivors. But the scam, not the “freeloaders” create several fake numbers to which you can send small amounts of money (via SMS).

Therefore, we warned the reader, is sympathetic, but with the right people, make sure it is on the site “real” of the institution you want to donate. If you need help to protect yourself from fake websites, see this article from SafePc Tuga.

As for the “freeloaders”, is the desire to be severely punished.
If the reader has a very extensive list of programs in your Start Menu, you can use a little trick to organize these same programs. So you save time in the application that you want to search.

To begin to organize your programs, perform the following operation:

Windows XP-right click on the Start Menu-Explore

Windows Vista/7-> Start Menu-> click with the right mouse button on “all programs” and then “Open All Users”.

organize start menu programs

In the window that appears you can organize the programs below as you wish, let’s see an example:

Within the “programs” folder create a new folder.

organize start menu programs

Then drag the programs that you want, into the new folder. Finally view the result.