During their Conference at E3 this year, Microsoft has stepped up several times the power of his “Play Anywhere” initiative. Through it, players who purchase a game on Xbox One will power the same experience on a PC (and vice versa) without having to pay a penny extra for it — simply have an account registered with the company.
Besides the financial benefit, the plan also offers cool features like the ability to use the same save on both platforms and interact with an environment of players more unified. Under these circumstances, it is difficult to oppose the plans of the company, which seems to be putting the consumer first “.
However, simply leave aside the layers of positive marketing and investigate a little infrastructure that makes it possible to realize that not everything is positive. Although Microsoft claim that their intention is to bring the Xbox One PC, there is a possibility that a movement opposed to happen and the computers have to live with the limitations that prevail today in the console — and that’s not good.

Walls and bars
One of the technologies that enables the Play Anywhere is the system initiative Universal platform Windows (UWP), which generates controversy since it was implemented. Although for common consumer that simply want to install an application this solution may seem harmless, she raises great concern among developers — especially those related to video games.
The main benefit offered by UWP is that, with a few simple adjustments, a person create an app that runs on desktops, tablets and smartphones with Windows installed 10. The consumer is offered a “closed package” with clear limitations, including the inability to check out what’s inside this “box”.

The UWP is a stricter system that the Win32

The downside of all this is that, unlike with Windows-based software 32, which you can download through the Arcade or at official website of developer, any application of this system has to pass through the sieve. That is, unless the company decides to approve what you did and put your work in the Windows Store, there’s no way to make files available to anyone.
“Open world games like Forza 3 Horizon exist because players cannot change their games, offering the same experience for everyone to enjoy,” says Sean Hollister, from PC World. “Microsoft also promises that the UWPs won’t contribute to the ‘ bit rot ‘, in which virtual detritus generated by daily use gradually slows down your PC”.
“The downside of this is that Microsoft controls everything from the sale of additional appearances for characters to modes and extra content. And, of course, spin-offs made by fans as counter-strike will never happen with this closed-source, “explains Hollister.