Foods rich in Proteins

The protein-rich foods are very important to our body. Find out here what are the foods that have more proteins to begin to consume them now!

There are two types of proteins: the vegetable and animal. The first is found commonly in some vegetables, but it’s not as complete as that of animal origin (present in meats, eggs and dairy products).

Proteins are responsible, among other things, for the maintenance of the muscles of our body, so the consumption of them is fundamental to health.

Foods rich in Proteins

Athletes and gym-goers demand a lot of your muscles (especially those who want to gain lean body mass) and, therefore, should consume more foods rich in proteins with more often than other people.

It is necessary that the athlete feeds of proteinic sources soon after the completion of the exercise, so that the muscles will regenerate and stay higher and recover more quickly to begin other physical activities soon..

Animal foods are rich in protein, but are far more calories than vegetables. Seen that, when it is to consume meat, eggs and dairy products, always choose leaner versions.

Chicken breast, Ducky (beef), grilled salmon, etc. Always avoid fried foods or fatty meats, besides never consume the chicken skin. The milk products need to be skimmed or light version.

In short, the protein-rich foods are many and all accessible to the Brazilian, and can be found easily from different sources. However, the choice and combination of these foods is essential for the body to enjoy its benefits in the best possible way.