DPI on printers

The term DPI (Dots Per Inch or dots per inch in Portuguese) is used widely in computer science, being normal come across this term when going to buy a mouse, print a document, edit images, etc. What is the DPI? What does it mean?
What is DPI in mice (mouse)?

When are we going to buy a mouse’s normal find the term DPI as a definition of “precision” of the device. The precision of the mouse can also be set by means of the CPI (Counts per Inch).

In practice, a mouse with a high DPI is ideal for tasks that require a quick click and determined (as in games).

The current market mice have a Dpi that can vary from 800 to 1600 dpi.

A mouse that has more than 1600 dpi tends to virtualize the pixels, which in practice can translate into major interference, leading to problems of accuracy.

DPI on printers

When we print a document it is normal to find the term DPI to set image quality. Now that we know the meaning of DPI (Dots per Inch), we can quickly conclude that increase the DPI printing will produce an image but detailed, but also a higher consumption of ink.

What is the dpi

The DPI of images refers to the amount of points or pixels (PPI) that the image presents. In practice, the greater the number of pixels, the higher the quality and the details presented in the image.