Data traffic

One of the concerns of those who use a Smartphone is the use of the Internet, when exceeds the quota set by the operator, can cause a true “hole” in the balance of the cell.

However, with some simple tips, you can save Internet data traffic and can “earn” a lot of money.

1. Data traffic

Disable data traffic when you do not need to access the Internet. Thus be able to save the Internet and battery.

Some applications like e-mail readers, updating with data traffic disabled, should turn on again whenever you need to check your email.

To disable data traffic, just access to your Android settings menu and select use of data. Now just enable or disable data traffic.

2. Mandic Magic

How to use the Magic password WiFi Sharing the Mandic Mandic Magic is a free application, able to provide a list of all the free public Wi-Fi networks near you, with the respective password.

That way, you can access the Internet without spending a single cent. For more details, see our tutorial: how to use the Mandic Magic.

Find Internet users

Another important factor to track Internet consumption is knowing which applications that consume.

On Android, you have at your disposal a detailed list with each application. To do this, go to the menu settings-use of data.

How to save the Internet on your Smartphone Android