Data Characteristic

Big Data is a mass collection of information which can be processed to get a more accurate result. Big data is valuable because it has more information consider to other. Big Data information has several characteristic and is more difficult to process. Big Data require certain tools for the processing and extraction of information.  The key features are known as “5Vs”.

  • Volume

One of the main characteristic of big data is the volume of data i.e. the how much data is generated which is more important. The amount of data determines the value and the accuracy of information. The accuracy of data determines how the data can be considered i.e., the information generated is useful or not.

For example the population is increasing so the information will increase size of available data has been growing at an increasing rate. As a result  the amount of data generated will be higher.

  • Variety

Variety is one of the characteristic of big data. Big data contains various types of data as it contains large volume of data. This should known to an analysts who analysis the data. So by knowing the Variety of Big Data it is better for the data analyst to analysis.

  • Velocity

Velocity is another characteristic of big data which is given more importance. Velocity deals with how fast the data retrieved and how fast the data is processed. If the data is retrieved faster it is easy to meet the demands and can also overcome the difficulty in the growth and development.

  • Variability

Variability is yet another characteristic of big data which deals with the abnormality and inconsistency in the data extracted. Variability affects the data analysis and has inaccuracy in managing the data.