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With the launch of Windows 8 and Windows 10 later, Microsoft began to focus on integration of its services in Windows, in particular with the mail service (Hotmail and Outlook), cloud hosting (OneDrive), Windows Store, etc.

This new direction has led to the emergence of Microsoft Windows accounts. But what is the difference between a local account and a Microsoft? What are the advantages of using a Microsoft?

What is the difference between a Local account and a Microsoft account
The local account, represents the “traditional”, that always accompanied the user in previous versions of Windows (XP, Vista or 7). Local accounts are quite “limited”, not allowing to use all the features of your Windows.

Microsoft Account

The Microsoft account is free and until there is a good chance you already have a.

Basically just enter your Microsoft Mail (Hotmail or Outlook) to login.

Don’t have an account? See more details here: how to create a Microsoft.

I need Internet to do Login?

To configure your Microsoft account, you must enter your email and password. However, you do not need to have access to the Internet to get on Windows in the coming sessions.
Use a Microsoft account gives you access to several interesting features, such as access to the store Windows, OneDrive, etc.

Access to the app store

One of the biggest advantages of Microsoft is to allow access to the Windows store. That way, you will be able to download games and other applications for free.

You can also buy music, movies or books, like other online stores (like Google Play).

When you start Windows with the Microsoft also can synchronize your email. That way, you can read all your messages and send e-mail directly from Windows.

The Microsoft account is also required to use applications such as: calendar, People, OneDrive, etc.

How to use a Local account?

If you don’t want to use a Microsoft account, you can revert to a Local account easily. For example, on Windows 10 just get to settings-“accounts”-“login with a local account in an alternative”.

How to change to a local account on windows

Finally, enter the password for your new local account. If you have any questions, send your comment.

What type of account do you prefer?

What type of Windows account fits your needs? What made you choose this type of account? Share everything with the SafePC Tuga sending your comment.