13 tips on how to detoxify the body

Learn how to detoxify the organism is very important for the health of our body. Through food that provide few benefits for our health, the body passes the store bad fats and other substances that prevent it to absorb better nutrients.

How many people lead a busy routine and with little time to handle, it is common that they resort to unhealthy food such as fast foods or frozen foods, for example. Unfortunately these foods are rich in substances harmful to health, like sodium and fat, and can promote a number of diseases that are related to your regular and excessive consumption.

How to detoxify the body

In addition to the harmful food, there is also contamination from the environment and we can hardly control, such as pollution, cigarette smoke, contaminated water, chemicals, heavy metals and many other factors of our daily lives that cause body to absorb free radicals.

Thanks to all that exposure is important to learn how to detoxify the body daily. But anyway, how to clean the body of so many harmful substances? Learn here!

13 tips on how to detoxify the body

Drink plenty of water, on average, 2 liters per day.
Decrease the consumption of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. These drinks are high in sugar and carbohydrates, as well as gases that swell.
Consume more fruits, vegetables and vegetables.
Lessen your intake of salt. Use spices to lessen the need for salt. Opt for sea salt (or salt instead of refined).
Grilling rather than frying.
Improve the chewing and eating more slowly.
Eat less red meat. Beef and pork have evil and carcinogenic substances.
Avoid the consumption of white sugar (refined). Opt for honey, brown sugar or demerara.
Consume more cereal and high-fiber foods because they stimulate the bowels.
Give preference to fruit and vegetables of the season. Foods of the season receive less human intervention.
Cook the vegetables to steam rather than boil, thus food preserves nutrients better and you don’t lose these substances in the water.
Do not add oil when it is preparing sauces and soups.
Choose olive oil or coconut oil instead of soybean oil.